December 2017

Lamb Kharovatz – Lamb Barbeque For 12


Lamb Kharovatz – Lamb Barbeque For 12


2 Legs of Lamb. Trimmed of excess fat and cut into 1” or so cubes
2 large White/Spanish onion, sliced
1 head Garlic, sliced
1 cup Pomegranate Syrup
1 cup Mild oil, e.g., Canola
1 cup Pomegranate Juice
1 bunch Flat Leaf Parsley
Juice of 2 Lemons
Salt and Pepper to Taste


Just like Americans in the USA, Armenians enjoy a good outing where there is delicious khorovatz. Lamb is often the meat of choice, but pork is regularly used because of its lower price point.

As there are millions of ways to make a BBQ sauce or a marinade for our grilled meats here in the USA, and each person has her/his best technique or “tricks” to a good grilling and BBQ-ing, Armenians are no different. However, a couple of things set Armenians apart: 1. for them, apricot wood is the best, followed by grape vine wood; 2. the meat must be marinated for at least a day with lots and lots of onions – it helps tenderize the meat; 3. pomegranate syrup and or juice for flavor; 4. last but most importantly, lavash bread. A khorovatz is not a khorovatz if there’s no lavash bread!!

For the class, I used two legs of Australian lamb, trimmed it of its excess fat and cut it into about 1” cubes. The meat is then marinated with all the ingredients listed above for at least a day. You could do it two days before as well. But keep it refrigerated.

Begin your grill and the coals about an hour before, so that the coals will be nice and hot, but not too hot.

The best way to grill is too keep the meat or anything that is being grilled about at least 6 inches or so above the coals. Also, have some cold water nearby, in case the coals are burning too hot. Adding a bit of water to the coals will cook them.

To ensure the meat is cooked properly, make sure the cubes of lamb are not too tightly skewered.

As the meat cooks, it would be nice to brush the meat with a bit of the marinade to further enhance to flavor of the meat.

More will be discussed during the actual cooking of the meat.

The recipe is only a guideline; you could add any type of a spice you like, as well as adding any type of an herb.

Also, please note that both pomegranate syrup and juice could be replace with red or white wine.