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Serge Made Zghug

Zghug is my interpretation of a classic Yemenite, Jewish spicy herbal condiment with the same name, though it is often spelled Zugh or Zug.

My Zghug is prepared with a mixture of both spicy and sweet peppers: poblano, Anaheim, Jalapeño, Green Thai, Serrano, Sweet Italian Peppers and Cubanelle chilis.

Fresh shallots and garlic from the Hudson Valley are added to the peppers, along with a mixture of spices, including but not limited to Cardamom, Allspice, Cloves, Coriander Seeds and others.

And, lastly, abundant amounts of fresh leaves of cilantro and mint are added to the mixture. Then, the mixture is allowed to ferment for a month with salt, three types of vinegars and lemon juice.

And, once fermentation is completed, the mixture is blended and bottled here in Serevan’s kitchens.

Our Zghug is a perfect addition to:

    1. Eggs cooked any style
    2. Mayonnaise: your sandwiches will never be the same
    3. Soups
    4. Pasta dishes, specially pesto
    5. Seafood, Chicken
    6. Hummus or Falafel
    7. Any vegetable dip
    8. Sautéed vegetables
    9. Chimichurri, or any steak/meat sauce
    10. Cocktails, specially summer cocktails

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Preserved Lemons


Serge Made Preserved Lemons

Bitter and tart flavors have played an important role in Serevan’s cuisine since we opened our doors in May of 2005.  As an Armenian-Iranian, I always enjoyed the beautifully tart/bitter flavor of Iranian Dried Limes, which our mother, to my delight,  paired with many of her lamb dishes, which I’d fish out against my mother’s protests of “Serge, you’re not the only one who likes Persian Limes.”

Preserved Lemons, for me, have the same bitter/tart characteristic as Persian Limes, but with more vibrant citrus notes. We use them in several of our dishes either in slices, diced into salads, or emulsified into sauces.  We even use them in our cocktails.

Regrettably, however, using Preserved Lemons prepared the traditional way is a very messy proposal, since whole lemons are salted and allowed to ferment.  So, a whole lemon must be taken out of the jar, even if the whole lemon is not needed.

To remedy this messy procedure, I slice our Organic Lemons into half-circles, and to embellish them further, I  add a few strands of Iranian Saffron, which renders the lemon slices a beautifully gorgeous, fiery, orange hue.

Our Preserved Lemons are prepared and packaged in our kitchen here at Serevan and only Kosher salt, a touch of honey and Iranian saffron is added to them.  They are allowed to ferment for a month before they are ready for use.

Our Preserved Lemon is a perfect addition to:

    1. Legume or grain salads if diced
    2. Mayonnaise: use the liquid instead of lemon juice
    3. Soups if diced
    4. Pasta dishes of all kinds, if diced
    5. Seafood, Chicken, Grilled Meat
    6. Hummus or Falafel
    7. Any vegetable dip
    8. Sautéed vegetables
    9. Chimichurri, or any steak/meat sauce, if sliced
    10. Cocktails, specially Autumn or winter with Gin or Vodka


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